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Christian Family Coalition Responds to Homosexual Adoption Ruling in Miami Herald Editorial20101004
Corrupt Appeals Judges VIOLATE Oath of Office, Irrationally Attack Law Protectng Children! Florida Voters: Lawless Judges Must Be Impeached!20100922
Christian Family Coalition Calls on Miami Appeals Court to Respect the Rule of Law and Uphold Florida's Law Protecting Orphaned Children!
Victory Report!!! Governor Charlie Crist Re-Iterates His Support For Florida's Common-Sense Adoption Law
AAA Offers Family Memberships to Homosexual Couples
ACTION ALERT!!! Call Florida Senators Mel Martinez and Bill Nelson and urge them to vote "NO" on so-called Hate Crimes Bill!
Victory Report! Miss California, Carrie Prejean, Keeps Her Crown!
Major Newspaper Credits CFC for Protecting Orphans from Homosexual Adoption!
CFC calls decision striking down law protecting orphaned children from homosexual adoption "a tragic miscarriage of justice."
CFC Applauds Governor Charlie Crist For Endorsing the Florida Marriage Amendment!
Marriage Amendments will be on the ballot in at least three states!
Florida Attorney General Asks California Supreme Court to Delay Homosexual "Marriage"
A Turncoat "Republican" Mayor Backs Homosexual "Marriage" Despite Unanimous Community Opposition
Miami-Dade County Commission approves so-called "Domestic Partner Benefits" (homosexual "marriage")
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY COMMISSION approves Domestic-Partner Benefits
Miami-Dade County Commissioners consider Domestic "Partner" Proposal (a.k.a. Homosexual "Marriage")
CFC Executive Director quoted by Influential Organization
Nearly one thousand Christians express outrage against Mayor for breaking his promise to families!
Disgraced Mayor embarrasses himself and his city.
Did you sign the Florida for Marriage Petition?
It's Official - U.S. Senator Lies to Voters; Does Support Homosexual Marriage!