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Huge Rally Against Planned Parenthood - New Shocking Video20150831
Today is ELECTION DAY, get CFC Voter Guides here!20141104
BREAKING! Miami-Dade voter guides available now!20140811
Christian Family Coalition Statement on Governor Crist's Veto of HB-1143: 20100612
Sen. LeMieux Encourages Governor to Sign HB 114320100611
Floridas Ladies of the House - Call on Governor Crist to Sign HB-1143!20100609
Governor Crist Receives HB-1143, Christian Family Coalition Releases Special Video on HB-1143!20100609
Women's Rights Advocates in Palm Beach County Continue to Speak out on behalf of HB-114320100526
Women's Rights Leaders In South Florida Call on Governor Charlie Crist to Sign HB-1143!20100525
Christian Family Coalition quoted in major Palm Beach Post article ...20100523
More Than One Million Floridians Urge Governor Crist To SIGN HB-114320100521
American College of Pediatricians Joins Christian Family Coalitionon Call To Sign HB114320100519
Second Democratic Governor in 17 Months Signs Ultrasound Bill!20100518
Contact Governor Crist at 850.488.4441 to Sign House Bill HB-1143!20100512
Senator Gelber Endangers Womens Health20100511
Christian Family Coalition Calls on State Senate to Pass Unborn Victims of Violence Act20100426
The Truth How Parental Notification of Abortion was defeated in Tallahassee20100425
EXTREMELY URGENT ACTION ALERT! - Contact Speaker of the House Larry Cretul NOW!!!20100421
Victory Report! Florida House Adopts CFC and Parental Rights Proposed Parents20100420
UNBELIEVABLE! Senate sponsor of Florida Parental Notification walks out on his own bill!20100419
MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Racial, Bi-Partisan Statewide Coalition Endorses Florida Parental 20100418
Civil Rights Leader Lobbies for Christian Family Coalition in Tallahassee!20100414
Victory Report! House Council Passes Parental Notification Bill!20100413
Victory Report! Florida Parental Notification Bill Scheduled for Senate Hearing!20100411
Christian Family Coalition hosts 2010 "Day At The Capitol"20100408
Urgent! Please Call Senator Gaetz Now !!!!20100405
Christian Family Coalition 2009 Accomplishments & Community Outreach Events20091231
U.S. Senate Rejects Nelson Pro-Life Amendment, CFC will continue the fight!20091101
The full text of the letter to The Honorable Florida Governor Charlie Crist: 00000001
Senator Orrin Hatch to Propose Pro-Life Amendment to so-called "Health-Care" Bill!
Christian Family Coalition Urges All U.S. Senators to just say "NO" to Abortion Funding!!!
ACTION ALERT! Senator Hatch Amendments
CFC Statement on the Death of George Tiller
CFC Urges Go Slow Approach on U.S. Supreme Court Nomination
SPECIAL ALERT! Pro-Life Bill Up for a Special Vote in Tallahassee!
Action Alert: Request an investigation for murder charges on abortion case
Christian Ministry Backs out of Deal with Planned Parenthood!
FL State Senate Committee Approves CFC Pro-Life Bill!
Beware of the ACLU PATH Project