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UNBELIEVABLE! Civil and Human Rights Leaders Condemn Ruling  



Civil and Human Rights Leaders Condemn Ruling


<<< Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Denies Florida Voters Their Day in Court! >>>

MIAMI, FL – Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel recently denied a motion to intervene by Hispanic-American and African-American civil rights organizations in an anti-voter rights lawsuit filed by extremists demanding the overthrow of Florida's Constitution and the overturning of the historic 2008 elections.

Zabel’s ruling denying Florida minority voters their day in Court is nothing short of being a violation of constitutional due process and equal protection rights. Zabel is so estranged from her community that she simply cannot grasp the enormity of the injustice and discrimination she is committing.

By abusing her discretion to allow minorities to defend a lawsuit the named Defendant has refused to defend, Zabel effectively disenfranchises and harms African-American and Hispanic voters whose voter rights have been historically denied. CNN exit poll during the historic 2008 elections show that African-American and Hispanic voters were more likely to support the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment, 72% and 64% respectively, than the general voting population, 62%.

Zabel’s decision denying nearly 8 million Florida voters their day in court clearly and directly violates the U.S. Constitution’s 14th amendment guarantee to equal protection and due process.

Zabel's decision is unjust and discriminatory on the following counts:

Zabel ruled the groups had no more at stake than “millions of other Floridians” and no “personal stake” in the validity of Florida’s Constitutional respect for the institution of Marriage, which passed in 2008 with nearly 62 percent of the vote.

FALSE: The human and civil rights organizations requesting to intervene on behalf of the nearly 8 million Florida voters who cast a ballot on the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment, have a greater and certainly a personal stake in the outcome of this seditious lawsuit. These organizations wrote the amendment, successfully litigated legal challenges at the Florida Supreme Court, collected over three-quarters of a million voter signatures, of which over 86% were found to be valid, raised and spent nearly one million dollars, and deployed thousands of citizen-volunteers across the state who donated hundreds of thousands of man-hours combined on a campaign where nearly 8 million Floridians voted.

“They will not be directly and immediately affected if others enter into a same-sex marriage, or are prevented from entering into a same-sex marriage,” Zabel wrote.

FALSE AGAIN: All Floridians are adversely harmed and illegally discriminated whenever their votes are trashed and their due process and equal protection rights are violated. Floridians are also adversely harmed and illegally discriminated when Zabel unlawfully places any individual or group above the Constitution and the laws of the State of Florida. Every Floridian, regardless of their alleged sexual behavioral choices or preferences, must submit to the same constitutional mandates, the same laws, and the same rules and regulations. Zabel cannot carve out an exception for Plaintiffs in this lawsuit. They are legally bound to change laws dealing with public policy issues they don’t agree with in the same exact way every other Floridian must do it: put the issue before a vote of the people.

It does not matter whether the public policy issue is the legal fiction of same-sex so-called “marriage” or any other issue, overturning a constitutionally-sanctioned election is a direct and irreversible violation of the voter rights and constitutional liberties of citizens of a free and democratic society. The Court must help Plaintiffs understand that, in America, no one is above the law. No individual is better than another, nor does any individual have a greater claim to rights than others.

“Allowing or disallowing the Plaintiffs to marry would simply not affect anyone’s right to state their opinions about their marriages, or same-sex marriages in general, and would not interfere with anyone’s religion, business or nonprofit organization,” Zabel also wrote.

FALSE AGAIN: Judge Zabel was elected to apply the law, which is why she signed the judicial loyalty oath. She was not hired by Miami-Dade voters to decide whether or not public policy matters affect the citizenry. However, the imposition of homosexual so-called "marriage" does result in the direct violation of First and Fourteenth amendment rights. To cite just one of many examples, in 2007 a federal judge ruled that because of "gay [sic] marriage" in Massachusetts, parents have no rights regarding the teaching of homosexual relationships in schools. The previous year the Parkers and Wirthlins filed a federal civil rights lawsuit to protect parents right to be notified and opt out their elementary-school children when homosexual-related subjects were taught. The federal judge dismissed the case. The appeals judges later upheld the first judge's ruling that because the fiction of same-sex “marriage” is legal in Massachusetts, the school actually had a duty to normalize homosexual relationships to children; and parents had no right to be notified or to opt out their children. Acceptance of homosexualism was now imposed as if it were good citizenship!

It's clear the Judge Zabel is sorely misinformed on this subject matter. This motion to intervene is about fundamental, constitutionally protected rights that are violated by the decision of one judge that does real, concrete harm to Florida voters, this decision is indefensible.

The organizations issued the following Joint Statement:

<<< With this ruling, Judge Sarah Zabel unjustly denies African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and all other Floridians, their well-deserved day in court. The ruling also denies the defense of the constitutional equal protection, due process, and voter rights of nearly 8 million Florida voters. Millions of Americans have selflessly shed their blood in battlefields throughout the world to secure these constitutional rights. The ideological extremists intimidating Judge Zabel to violate her Oath of Office and our Constitutional rights can now proceed with their planned assault on Democracy and the Rule of Law. Shame on Sarah Zabel! Her ruling diminishes public confidence in the judiciary and thereby does injury to the system of government under law. >>>





For more information or an interview, 
please contact the Christian Family Coalition Florida at (786) 447-6431
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Condenan líderes de derechos civiles y humanos
decisión judicial racista

<<< Jueza de Miami-Dade niega a votantes de la Florida el derecho a defenderse. >>>

MIAMI, FL – La jueza de Circuito de Miami-Dade Sarah Zabel arrogantemente denegó una moción de organizaciones de derechos civiles hispano y afroamericanas para defender una demanda sediciosa presentada por extremistas anti-derechos de votantes exigiendo el derrocamiento de la constitución de la Florida y la anulación de las elecciones históricas de 2008. La odiosa demanda busca el linchamiento judicial de los votantes hispanos y afroamericanos de la Florida.

La decisión de Zabel negándole a las minorías de la Florida la oportunidad de ser escuchadas ante el tribunal es nada menos que una violación racista de los derechos constitucionales a debido proceso judicial e igualdad de protección de derechos. Zabel está tan distanciada de su comunidad que ella sencillamente no comprende la enormidad de la injusticia y la discriminación que comete.

Abusando de su discreción para permitir que las minorías defiendan una demanda que el Demandado corruptamente se niega a defender, Zabel viola el derecho al voto de los votantes afro-americanos e hispanos a los que históricamente se les han negado los derechos. La encuesta de salida de CNN de las históricas elecciones de 2008 muestra que los votantes afro-americanos e hispanos fueron más dados a votar a favor de la Enmienda de la Florida de Protección del Matrimonio, un 72% y 64%, respectivamente, comparado al 62% de la población votante general.

La decisión negando casi 8 millones de votantes de la Florida la oportunidad de ser escuchados ante el tribunal es una violación clara y directa de la protección constitucional de igualdad de derechos y debido proceso judicial garantizada por la 14 enmienda de la Constitución.

Las organizaciones emitieron la siguiente Declaración Conjunta:

<<< Con este fallo racista, la juez Sarah Zabel niega injustamente a los afroamericanos, los hispanoamericanos y todos los demás residentes de la Florida, su merecida oportunidad a ser escuchados ante los tribunales. El fallo también niega la defensa a la protección constitucional de igualdad de derechos, debido proceso judicial y derechos de los votantes de casi 8 millones de votantes de la Florida. Millones de estadounidenses han ofrendado desinteresadamente su sangre en los campos de batalla de todo el mundo para asegurar estos derechos constitucionales. Los extremistas ideológicos que hoy intimidad a la juez Zabel a violar su juramento de cargo y de nuestros derechos constitucionales pueden ahora proceder con su asalto planeado contra la Democracia y el Estado de Derecho. Sarah Zabel debe estar abochornada! Su fallo racista destruye la confianza pública en el poder judicial y con ello atenta contra el sistema de gobierno bajo la ley. >>>



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