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Another Victory for Life!  

Florida Senate overwhelmingly approves CFCFL pro-life bill! Please help us now!

MIAMI | Today, the Christian Family Coalition Florida (CFCFL), announced passage of its pro-life priority by the Florida Senate:

"We are proud to announce that the Offenses Against the Unborn Bill, CFCFL's pro-life priority this session, was overwhelmingly approved by the Florida Senate this week. The bill states that a person who engages in conduct that violates Florida Criminal Code or criminal offense defined by another statute & causes death of, or bodily injury to unborn child commits a separate offense, specifies that certain types of knowledge or intent are not necessary for such offense."


Imagine if CFCFL were not here to help make these pro-life victories a reality?

Since CFCFL has been working on helping to pass pro-life legislation in Florida, abortions have gone down 18%! We are literally saving thousands of lives!

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Our successful pro-life advocacy work in Tallahassee comes at a cost, travel, lodging, transportation, etc.

Planned Parenthood Florida, the chief pro-abortion group in Tallahassee are very well-financed. This is a David and Goliath fight for life! And we are winning, help us keep the momentum going!

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The fight's not over!

Planned Parenthood Florida is planning a massive campaign to try to get Governor Rick Scott to veto this pro-life bill.

Help us fight back!

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Click here to see Senate vote: