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CFC makes major announcement  


Florida Civil Rights Organizations File Motion To Protect Voting Rights and Equality

<<< Voter Rights and the Rule of Law Must Not be Violated. >>>

MIAMI, Florida – Today, Christian Family Coalition Florida (CFCF), the state's premiere human rights and social justice advocacy organization, announced that international pro-constitutional rights law firm Liberty Counsel filed motions to intervene in a discriminatory lawsuit for a broad coalition of civil rights organizations seeking to protect the voting rights of millions of Floridians.

This past January 21st, a small cadre of anti-voting extremists filed the discriminatory lawsuit demanding the overthrow of Florida's Constitution and the violation of the dignity, equality, and voting rights of the millions of Floridians that voted in the historic 2008 election won by president Barack Obama and ordaining that the institution of Marriage be honored in Florida’s Constitution as the union of one man, one woman.

Liberty Counsel’s Chairman and President, respectively, drafted Constitutional Amendment 2 and successfully defended it against pre-election legal challenges, ultimately winning unanimous approval (7-0) by Florida’s Supreme Court. Amendment 2 was the first constitutional amendment to clear the heightened 60% voter approval threshold, thanks to the largest grassroots effort on any ballot issue in Florida’s history.

Florida Family Action; People United to Lead the Struggle for Equality, a civil rights umbrella organization of 35 civic groups and representing thousands of African-Americans and other minorities; and the Florida Democratic League, the state’s leading Hispanic-led human rights organization, have all filed motions to intervene to protect Florida’s voter-approved Constitution and the dignity, equality, and voting rights of all Floridians.

"Floridians’ dignity, equality, and voting rights are not negotiable! Regardless of how you feel about the historic 2008 constitutional referendum respecting the institution of Marriage or about any other vote or election, the votes of all Floridians must be counted and respected. Anything else is a return to the dark days of the KKK,” said CFCF founder and executive director, Anthony Verdugo.


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