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Alliance Defending Freedom Ready to Defend Miami-Dade's Legislative Invocation Restoration Ordinance (LIRO) Against Any Crackpot Lawsuit

MIAMI, FL - The Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premiere human rights and social justice advocacy organization fighting for your rights, announced today it will team up with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), one of the nation's foremost advocates for religious liberty, if any anti-Christian extremist were to file a lawsuit attacking Miami-Dade's recently adopted 2012 Legislative Invocation Restoration Ordinance (LIRO). The LIRO, approved by a resounding 8-3 vote of the county commission effectively ended over 8 long years of hateful discrimination against religious speech in Miami-Dade.

According to Joel Oster, ADF's Kansas City Regional Office senior legal counsel: "“America’s founders opened public meetings with prayer. Public officials today should be able to do the same.The 11th Circuit set precedent on this in 2008 when it determined that legislative invocations at county commission meetings are constitutional.”

"The Christian Family Coalition is proud to stand with the ADF as we have in the past when we restored the church's right to equal access in our state's public libraries. Once again, we will successfully protect the groundbreaking 2012 Legislative Invocation Restoration Ordinance (LIRO), adopted by an 8-3 bipartisan vote of the Miami-Dade Commission after an 18-month campaign led by CFC. The restoration of the legislative invocation (opening prayer) ended unconstitutional discrimination and guarantees speech equality at all Miami-Dade County Commission and committee meetings," states Anthony Verdugo, CFC Founder and Executive Director.