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SPECIAL ALERT! Republican Congressman meets with extremist group -- loses re-election bid!  


SPECIAL ALERT to ALL Republican 
Elected Officials in Florida!

Be Seen With Log Cabin "Republicans" and You Lose!
MIAMI, FL - On Tuesday, November 6th, Democratic candidate Joe Garcia trounced U.S. Rep. David Rivera in the general elections for Congressional District 26 by a wide margin, 53.6% - 43.0%.

Much to everyone's disbelief, in May 2012, U.S. Representative David Rivera spoke at a Broward County Log Cabin "Republican" meeting.  
How ironic is this?  The Log Cabin "Republicans" are one of only two homosexual extremist groups operating within the Republican Party.  While they claim to be "conservative", in reality, they are anything but.  In 2004, they filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT), the military policy which protects our military troops from admitted homosexuals.  Furthermore, they want to impose homosexual so-called "marriage" as well as homosexual adoption on orphaned and abandoned children.  
Despite this extremist agenda, former U.S. Represenative David Rivera, saw fit to meet with them earlier this year in Broward County.
So let's see, the same group that, with callous disregard for the military and marriage, is responsible for having "don't ask, don't tell" declared unconstitutional and wants to undermine the Florida constitution by disrespecting marriage as one man, one woman now pretends to call itself "conservative".   
Being seen with an anti-conservtive extremist hate group like Log Cabin "Republicans", at the center of so much controversy for so many years, is unwise and imprudent. David Rivera disappointed many constituents by letting himself be used by this discredited group.
He felt his constituents' disappointment on Election Day.