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Rick Scott's self assertion as "an across-the-board conservative" contradicted by current business practices  
20100821 cfc
A no-show at CFC Florida Gubernatorial evening forum and other events!

On Thursday, August 12th, Pastor Mark D. Boykin, senior pastor, Church of All Nations, and Palm Beach Coordinator for the Christian Family Coalition, held a press conference in front of the offices Quespasa.com in West Palm Beach, Florida to report on the contradicitions between Rick Scott's self assertion as "an across-the-board conservative", and his business practices. 
The Rick Scott campaign describes him as a “conservative.”  Additionally, his web site claims “I’m an across-the-board conservative.  I … support traditional marriage.”

However, his business and campaign practices contradict his self appointment as “an across-the-board conservative.”

According to this
Politifact.com report Rick Scott, his family partnership and a trust in his wife’s name own 2 million shares in a company called Quepasa Corporation

According to this
Network Solutions report Quepasa Corp. owns the web site Quepasa.com which according to this May 26, 2010 Market Wire report recruits latino women to be porn models for Quepasa Playboy Mexico.  Certainly, the hundreds of wom! en who are not selected by Playboy have a heightened interest in making money from porn and are subsequently more likely to be recruit subjects for other hedonistic venues.

Quepasa.com includes a section for homosexual sex partner relationship networking.

This is the CURRENT business investment practices of Rick Scott, his family partnership and a trust in his wife’s name and not something that happened ten years ago.  Some political sites have attempted to dilute the issue of Scott’s investment in Quepasa.com by stating that most of the stock is in his family partnership or wife’s trust.  However, according to this July 2, 2010
FloridaIndependent.com report the trust of Rick Scott’s wife gave his campaign $2 million.

Therefore, with his wife’s trust spending millions on his campaign their combined stock holdings of Quepasa Corp. is very relevant.

How can Rick Scott call himself “an across-the-board conservative” when he, his family partnership and his wife's trust profit from a web site that recruits young women into the porn industry?

How can Rick Scott claim with any integrity “I … support traditional marriage” when he, his family partnership and his wife's trust profit from a web site that encourages homosexual relationships?

Furthermore, according to this
Huffington Post report Rick Scott recently hired Ken McKay, the former chief of staff of the Republican National Committee (RNC) who was forced to resign by Chairman Michael Steele, after GOP donors learned the RNC approved the reimbursement of $2,000 worth of food and drinks at the California bondage-sex Club Voyeur during a committee trip.

Rick Scott explained in this
The Tampa Tribune report regarding his accepting responsibility for HCA’s overbilling of Medicare that resulted in a $1.7 billion fine to his former company. "You have to remember, I was an Eagle Scout. … I went to church pretty much every Sunday growing up. Those things get ingrained in you. You learn you've got to do the right thing every day."

That is what Rick Scott said just three months ago, not ten years ago.

So Rick Scott must believe that profiting from his investment in a company that lures women into the porn industry and connects homosexual sex partners for relationships is also something ingrained in him from the Boy Scouts and church as “the right thing to do every day.”
Finally, the Rick Scott campaign makes it a constant habit of not NOT SHOWING UP at events where he has previously confirmed.  On the evening of Saturday, August 7th, 2010, Rick Scott had confirmed his appearance at a Florida Gubernatorial evening forum sponsored by the Christian Family Coalition, Church of All Nations, and broadcast live on CBS-12 and C-SPAN.  However, just hours before the event, his campaign abruptly canceled their appearance with no explanation.  Now, he's at it again, the Palm Beach Post is reporting that on Thursday, August 19th, Rick Scott pulled another no show at the Boca Raton Republican Club after having confirmed again!

"This pattern of behavior shows an appalling lack of respect for the voting public" stated Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition.
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